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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Everything You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

Roommates Unboxing Belongings in Windsor Rental HomeAs a renter in Windsor, you might be questioning if you need to get renters insurance. Ultimately, numerous renters either don’t know about renters insurance or believe they don’t need it. However, despite these traditional assumptions, renters insurance is an effective way that renters can protect themselves and their belongings. To better understand what renters insurance is and why you need it, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

What is Renters Insurance?

Generally, renters insurance is an insurance policy that offers both personal liability coverage for you and covers the loss or replacement of your personal belongings when you’re residing in a rental home. Renters insurance is not usually required by law, but it’s still something that every renter should have, as many landlords need coverage. These policies are very cheap, but they also benefit you if you are injured or your belongings are lost or damaged while living in your Windsor rental home.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Several renters’ insurance policies will help you replace personal belongings that are stolen, lost, or damaged. Yet, they cover a lot more than that too. When anyone visits and injures themselves while in your rental home, your renters’ insurance must cover the liability that might happen. Moreover, imagine what would happen if your rental house was damaged in a flood or natural disaster. More often than not, you’re not going to be allowed to remain there until renovation has been completed, so the renters’ insurance will pay for you to stay somewhere else until your rental home is safe for you to return. Policies vary, but you might be shocked to hear that some even cover your car or will reimburse the cost of items stolen while you’re on vacation.

How Do I Put a Value on My Possessions?

If you get a renters insurance policy, you’ll need to distinguish how much all of your possessions are worth. This is so you can buy the right amount of protection. Numerous apps and websites can help you determine how much your personal belongings would cost to replace, or you could even utilize a simple spreadsheet to track them. Regardless of how you do it, however, you must have a list of everything you own and the estimated value if you need to file a claim. It is advisable to keep purchase receipts for expensive items and take photos of all of your stuff. This can help make the claims process much more efficient.

What About Pets and Roommates?

If you have a pet, renters insurance can help cover your liability if your pet injures someone. Even though it’s rare, without insurance, your pet’s behavior could make you responsible for the injured person’s medical bills, legal fees, etc. Although renters insurance will not help you replace your couch if your pet damages it, it will let a friend file a claim if your pet ruins something your friend owns. Nevertheless, other insurers do have breed restrictions and may not offer coverage for certain types of dogs or some animals. In the same way, roommates are usually excluded in a renters insurance policy except if the provider will allow you to add them. Not all insurers will allow you to do that, and it’s likely better to have your roommate get their own policy anyway. If you both have the same policy, your roommate’s claims will be reported in your insurance record and may cause your rates to increase.

What Else Should I Know About Renters Insurance?

A few other things you need to know about renters insurance include items that are not covered, like damage to the premises, insect infestations, and naturally-occurring water damage. For instance, if you discover that your home is infested with bedbugs, renters insurance would not cover any infestation treatments. Or in case the pot on the stove was forgotten and burned the wall or suffered any other kind of damage to the house, the renters’ insurance does not typically cover the actual dwelling.

The same is true for certain types of flooding situations. In several instances, natural-occurring flooding is not a covered event on your renters’ insurance. If you live in an environment that is vulnerable to flooding events – or even if you’re not – you must purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Mostly, the only kind of water damage that a renters insurance policy will cover is burst pipes or plumbing issues.

When you’re about to get your own renters’ insurance policy, make sure to take some time to look around for the policy that meets your needs at a fair value. Different insurers may cover other items, so it’s crucial to read your policy carefully before purchasing it. In this regard, you can be confident if you ever need to make a claim.

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